About Wetlands Preserve

About Wetlands Preserve

Wetlands NYC History: A Visual Encore is a summary of the NYC nightclub and activism center, Wetlands Preserve (1989-2001)

A Home to Many Tribes
Wetlands Preserve
had a famously effective and inclusive booking policy that fostered the rise of Jamband scene as well as ska, punk and hardcore. The club regularly hosted a mix of both proven and cutting-edge artists from funk, hip-hop, reggae, African and blues, to folk, world, Celtic and bluegrass, to alternative, metal and electronica. And, as it ever was, Wetlands was a renowned home for psychedelic rock and base camp for fans and cover bands of the Grateful Dead.

Notable First NYC plays
Pearl Jam, Counting Crows, Blind Melon, Rage Against the Machine, The Wallflowers,
Sublime, The_Derek Trucks_Band, Travis, David Gray. , Ben Harper, Oasis

Jamband Sampling
Blues Traveler, Phish, Dave Matthews Band, Spin_Doctors, Widespread Panic, Warren Haynes (gov’t Mule), Steve Kimock (Zero, KVHW), God Street Wine, Leftover Salmon, moe. , Disco Biscuits, String Cheese Incident, Robert Randolph

Our Dance with the Earth
During its lifetime, Wetlands Preserve spent over $1 Million dollars to fund its efforts to inform and activate the public on topics of social and environmental concern. This unique infusion of activism was the heart of the club’s existence and was supported by the music.

Campaigns included circulating petitions (over 30,000 signatures a year), and lobbying corporate and government leaders in the form of non-violent direct actions. Dramatic street theater, leaflet distribution, and demonstrations at conferences and corporate headquarters all helped to gain public attention on important issues. Wetlands led and helped organize those actions in addition to hosting hundreds of benefits for causes from advancing human and animal rights to saving ecosystems and indigenous cultures.

Continuous Campaigns
Environment, Human Rights, Animal Rights, Over-Consumption, Media Literacy, Globalization, Restoring Democracy.

Working Groups and Affiliations
Wetlands-Rainforest.Action Group, Federal Land Action Group, SEAC/Student Environmental Action Center, Native Forest Network Center, Earth Island.InstituteCenter, Earth First! Organizing Center, Global Sweatshop Coalition. NYC Peoples Consultation. Animal Rights Activist Network, League of Humane Voters.
There is a dedicated group that has managed to keep up the good work and is still active in 2014, known as the Wetlands-Activism Collective.

Wetlands has been memorialized in film, Wetlands Preserved: The Story of an Activist Nightclub, an indie production by Dean-Budnick.

And a book of the entire history of Wetlands Preserve,
Wetlands NYC History: A Visual Encore
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